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UCLA SPARK 2023 Campaign

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We are in the process of wrapping up our 4th children’s book which focuses on Pediatric Cancer in children and brings to light the emotional struggles that these children face as they learn to navigate their condition. We will then begin production of our 5th children's book which serves to highlight patient experience as it relates to Pediatric Anxiety

However, printing and distributing our books does have a hefty financial commitment. Each and every donation matters! Most donations will go towards the large fee for printing and distribution. Donations will also go towards covering shipping costs to hospitals, transportation for elementary school read-along visits, and helping to keep the organization running!

UCLA 2022 SPARK Campaign

Over the past year, we have been able to use funds raised from our 2022 SPARK Campaign towards the (1) production and donation of our book on achondroplasia titled “The Giraffe that Stood Tall” to 7 hospitals and 10 classrooms, (2) community read-along events with our books at children’s hospitals and local elementary schools.

These funds are also currently being used to publish and print our book on Type 1 Diabetes titled “Born to Soar”, which we are excited to start donating to children’s hospitals and local elementary schools in the coming months!

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