Our Mission

Hospital stays can be overwhelming and stressful for a child of any age. Many children are scared of the hospital environment and find it difficult to cope with their illness alone. At Pages for Pediatrics, we are committed to helping pediatric patients have a more positive experience during their hospital stays.


We are a group of undergraduates at UCLA who write and illustrate children's storybooks on childhood disorders and illnesses. We center our stories around characters that pediatric patients can relate to with the aim of instilling hope, comfort, and solidarity in our readers. Our books also serve to educate pediatric patients on their illness through child-friendly terminology and to raise awareness on childhood illnesses in the broader community. 


At Pages for Pediatrics, we believe that every pediatric patient deserves access to stories that can provide support and upliftment during hospital stays. By distributing our books free-of-cost to children’s hospitals nationwide, we hope to make a difference in the lives of pediatric patients one story at a time.