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Tommy and the Twig

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"The girl in the photo (4 years old) did not want to leave the clinic until she finished reading the book with one of our volunteers! When her appointment was over, she was happy to hear she could take the book home and continue reading in the car. Needless to say, Tommy and the Twig serves as a great resource for inspiration for our children as they experience one of the most challenging times in their young lives." 

-  Orthopedic Institute for Children (OIC) in Alliance with UCLA HEALTH

The Giraffe that Stood Tall

"We loved the book! Thank you for giving us a copy. We have read it multiple times. My daughter noticed that Gia has a heart shaped spot on her head compared to her friends and she loved that! She also loved the fact that Gia has a ribbon on her tail. The illustrations were brilliant!
I loved the message that Gia is able to achieve the same as her friends, just that she has to go about it differently, and I shared the message with my daughter. I told her that she needed step stools to get her things compared to her friends but that's ok, she is still able to get her things. This is such an uplifting and empowering book for all kids. The sky's the limit indeed."
- Patient's Family from Texas Children's Hospital


"Thank you for donating your book, The Giraffe that Stood Tall, to Seattle Children’s, you have shown compassion for the many children we serve…You’ve shown how much you care about kids at our hospital, and we are truly grateful." 

                    - Seattle Children's Hospital
"I think it’s a great resource for patients. Our providers really appreciated it. We have had a couple of books related to short stature stocked as well for a little while that we found prior to yours, and I can say in general that patients and their families have really appreciated having stories about short stature that they can use to help them explain their condition to their families and friends.  We’ve received very positive feedback from families about having books that we can provide to them on this topic, and I know that many of them have shared the book with their teachers and classmates as a teaching resource." 

  - Texas Children's Hospital Skeletal Dysplasia Program, Genetics Clinic
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